Movie Theater Rooms to Envy

With fall and winter approaching, it is nice to spend time indoors getting cozy with your loved ones while watching a movie. Some invest in some fantastic in home movie theater rooms whiles others keep it simple.

With that, some key components of movie theater rooms are:

  • – Get started with a screen or large television. By measuring your wall and room size, you will determine the size of the viewing area. Having the appropriate mounting equipment to hold the screen or television will also be important for the room.
  • Now, an input box like cable or satellite receiver needs to be considered. Either solution is a great source depending on your needs. Keep in mind, that electronic input of movies is becoming easier with digital solutions and programs.
  • Next, consider speakers or a full surround sound system. To achieve the full movie effect, a surround sound system with speakers on various walls will give you the true movie theater experience.
  • Now, it is important to review seating for you and your guests. Some people use over sized bean bag chairs. While others, invest in some high performance entertainment chairs.
  • In order to have great moving watching experiences, you will need the ability to control the lighting in the room.  A room with limited sunlight like an inside room. An inside room that does not have windows is a great solution for managing glare on screens. Some people use black out shades or draperies to remove the glare.
  • Home theater décor is up to the homeowner. We have seen extravagant theater rooms with themes and simple ones that have the basics. Whatever you choose, have fun, get cozy and enjoy your movie.
  • And a movie theater room would not be truly a theater room if not for popcorn. So a big bag of popcorn can go a long way.

Here are some fantastic home movie theater rooms that might inspire you.