5 Tips to Cleaning Secret Areas Around Your Home

 Cleaning Secret Areas

Guest Blogger, Leslie Kramer

I’ve talked about some of the things around someone’s home that must be cleaned every so often to prevent anything from going wrong.

Most people neglect cleaning key areas, which could turn into a bigger problem further down the line. Today we’re going to look at those sneaky little things you must make sure you keep clean. Don’t worry about ending up overworked because cleaning secret areas around your home don’t have to cleaned often.

Clean your refrigerator coils

If you knew how dirty your refrigerator coils were you wouldn’t even want to go near them, but unfortunately it’s one of those jobs you just have to do. When the buildup gets too much your fridge will have to work a lot harder and it will cause your energy bills to increase. If you look closely at the bottom of your fridge you will see a little door that needs to come off. Just make sure you clean everything inside there then go around your fridge giving it a wash while you’re at it.

Degrease the exhaust fan filter

If you look above your stove you will see an exhaust fan. Somewhere inside will be a filter that soaks up a lot of the grease that comes from the food you cook. A filter can only do its job if it’s in working order, so you will need to clean it properly every once in a while. It’s easy to reach, but make sure you turn off the power to the stove to prevent any accidents from happening. Soak it in soapy water and let it dry off before putting it back in place.

Clean and clear your gutters

We’re now going to look at something you can do outside your home, but don’t think it’s any less important because you can’t see the buildup of dirty leaves lying inside your gutter. You might think differently when water starts flowing over the side and your outside walls end up with massive stains the whole world can see. If you have a set of ladders you can go around your home with a bucket scooping all the leaves and debris. Make sure to use caution when using ladders.

Steam clean your carpets

Do you really think vacuuming your carpets once per week is going to make a bit of difference in the long run? Your carpets might appear clean and fresh, but there is no way you will be able to get all the dirt and grime out of the fibers. After a year or two this will become a problem and you will end up with a horrible looking carpet. Make sure you steam clean the carpets to prevent this from happening.

Change each faucet aerator

You probably don’t know much about how the human body works, but I bet you can appreciate the fact a clogged artery isn’t a good thing. Luckily a dirty aerator isn’t as serious, but it will still end up doing the same thing to your faucets. If you don’t want to end up with low water pressure you should make sure you change the aerators in each faucet when they get too dirty. You just need to unscrew each faucet and peel the aerator off with your fingers. Clean the aerator with soapy water and reassemble.

Just because you walk around with a duster at the weekend doesn’t mean your home is clean. Hopefully you have finally realized there are a lot of cleaning jobs you wouldn’t even think about unless someone mentioned them. Most of the cleaning tasks we’ve spoken about today will save you money when you schedule them regularly.

Guest Blogger: Leslie Kramer is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for http://www.pinediscount.com.au/ Pine Discount, a company that offers leather lounges in Perth. She is a fitness enthusiast and considers swimming to be the perfect all-body workout.

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    Great tips! Definitely never thought about a lot of these. I think a lot of people (myself included) who are starting to have to become independent and take care of their own homes could use to be reminded that cleaning isn’t only vacuuming the floors and putting clothes away…

    • Glad you could find value in these tips. So many people forget these hidden areas and without the proper cleaning energy bills can go up as well as poor functioning equipment causing potential damage elsewhere in the house. It is great to stay on top of these cleaning tips.