Who Says Pink is Just For Little Girls?

It is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  And with the celebration of women every where, we thought that taking a look at using pink in your home decorating style can be a way to help support the cause.  Pink is one of those colors that is perfect for a little girl’s room. However, this color can add a vibrant and excitement of color when you need it. What does it say about us when we incorporate this sassy color into our homes? Subtle light pinks show us that we are romantic, tender, compassionate and affectionate. All sweet qualities that many people want to be considered. While darker brighter shades symbolize energy and playfulness. Bright shades help add pop to a room and showcase our fun attitude.

Show Me Your Playfulness

Using pink in a room can be the core focus of the room with it as the dominate color of choice. Or it can be a quick accent like a throw blanket or pillow to add texture to a room. Using these accents can step up the design in a room. Add accents to sofas or lampshades. Try bringing in one piece of furniture or spray paint a piece of furniture to add this color’s design element. Another way to make a room pop with celebration is to paint a wall in this spectacular color. There are so many ways that color can be added and pink is no exception. With its oftentimes preconceived notions that only little girls are subject to use pink in their rooms, we show you that is just not true. Here are a few ways that the color pink brings life to these glorious rooms.