Here is What You Need to Know During Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week is October 6 – October 12, what can you do to prevent any fires to your home?

Some helpful hints from our friends over at National Fire Protection Association for fire prevention are to:

  • – Check all Smoke Alarms in your home and replace any old or non-working batteries and make sure you have enough smoke alarms in your home.
  • – Create and identify an escape route out of your home and practice that route with all your family members.
  • – If your home has a fire sprinkler system, make sure the sprinklers are not blocked by anything that might prevent them from working.
  • – Be careful of any portable heating units and make sure nothing that could cause a fire is near them and make sure you turn them off if leaving your home.
  • – Keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from any type of fireplace or stove.
  • – When cooking, make sure someone is present to put out any fires that may occur due to grease or alcohol.
  • – Blow out all candles before leaving your home or going to bed.
  • – To make sure your electrical system is working properly, follow the guidelines listed here:

By following these simple tips, you can create additional safety plans for you and your family.

Visit to add these safety tips to your home calendar as monthly and annual activities.