Part 2: Favorite Things and Household Gifts

Today, we are tackling all our favorite things for the kitchen and entertaining. It sure sounds appropriate with holidays around the corner.

For the Kitchen

So many things are extraordinary for a kitchen to help you create beautiful meals. Maybe try a new dish,  or invent a new concoction.

These bowls from Williams Sonoma are one of our favorite items because they are durable. They have a non slip ring at the base so the bowl does not slide around. And they making pouring a breeze with an easy grip handle and pouring spout.

Favorite Things

Because we use our tablets in our kitchen to find some great recipes and because we are probably not the neatest cooks, we find great use in this Belkin stand with stylus.  This stand and stylus stays in our kitchen. And can be used in a variety of ways but the most important is using the stand and stylus together to not destroy our tablets.

Favorite Things

Now this cutting board is definitely for fun. What a great stocking stuffer this would be.

Favorite Things 14

How about making it easier to get a paper towel with the touchless paper towel dispenser.  It looks stylish in this stainless steel version. And there are others that are colored to work with you current kitchen design and décor.

Favorite things 23

We talked about messy cooks, so we also like this Sensate touchless faucet from Kohler.

Favorite Things 16

Using recycled materials or making a purchase of what would appear to be recycled materials bring a new and unique look to your kitchen.  You can make this colander light or buy one here at Shades of Light.

Favorite Things 17

For the Entertaining Folks

For the wine enthusiast, keeping your wine at the right temperature is something difficult. Once you remove it from a large wine cellar, you are looking for a temperature control situation.  This wine cooler, can help with keeping your wine at the correct temperature when your guests arrive.

Favorite Things 25

What would a party be without popcorn. Indiana Popcorn has so many wonderful flavors. But this Chocolate Peanut Butter is heavenly! With this as a dessert at your parties, the guests are sure to indulge.

Favorite Things 19

Cocktails are a rage and serving them with these great ice balls keep the drinks cool and stylish.

Favorite Things 20

The Xbox One is on top of everyone’s holiday wish list this year and rightfully so.  This product is adding more and more functionality to become a full functional entertainment center. This solution can house your movies and games in the cloud. It can also provide you access to your favorite television shows and to gaming with people around the world.

Favorite Things 24

Adding speakers outside to entertain with music makes the summer time fun.  These Bose speakers have a quality sound and bring life to the outside of a party.

FAvorite Things 22

For the ultimate entertaining and family fun, incorporate games into your holiday season.  Anything from a board game to a foosball table.  This shuffleboard game is great for those with the room in their house.  All your guests no matter there age can play this game.

Favorite Things 26

Entertaining and cooking with your family and friends is a great way to continue to make some great holiday traditions.