Decorating with Nature

Decorating with Nature

This time of year brings a great feel of coziness and the wonder of the great outdoors. Using natural items that bring the outdoors inside can be a style that you may not have considered. Here are some helpful tips on how to decorating with nature in your home.


Stone is used commonly in counter tops, on walls, and around fireplaces. Adding a stone wall to a room can bring a completely new look and feel to the space. Creating a dramatic look or one that blends with other natural elements. Consider using stone in dishes for display or create messages on these stones. And let people pick their mood or fortune for the day. Adding stone in bathrooms at the bottom of a sink or in place of tiles can help incorporate a different texture to a room.  A stone water feature whether on a table or a wall can create a soothing effect. And add balance to your home.


Wood products can bring decorating styles together. Using wood mantels can add character to a fireplace or large old fashioned wooden doors to blend two styles of rooms together. Taking wood pieces and creating tables and chairs bring a personal sense to a room. Creating shelves and candle holders, using wood pieces across a table or incorporating upright tree branches to add just the right amount of nature to a room can be completely quite simply. Using tree branches can make a great jewelry holder or a way to hang some of your kitchen products is something new and different. Maybe try using wood pieces to create hand crafted table place settings which can bring a whole new level of conversation to your dinner table.

Plant Material

Using greens from your trees can add a richer color to a room as well as a texture that may be unique to a room’s design. Using evergreen gives a wispy and clearly scented room, using magnolia leaves to showcase the green. And the brown sides can bring an earthiness to a space. And incorporating big bold plants or leaves can add a tropical feel to a room. Maybe you have some beautiful pressed plants or flowers as keepsakes. Adding these pressed plants to a framed collage on a wall is a great way to share your memories with others. Using potted herbs around the home also becomes a unique way to bring nature inside. And one that is functional for the cooks of the home.

Other Materials

Then there is a season for fruits and vegetables. Using lemons and limes, gourds and pumpkins, pomegranates and berries, artichokes and cabbages and so many other fruits and vegetables to really set a table. A centerpiece or to just add some great color to a room comes in handy with fruit.  Feathers and seashells and sand can create a very specific look. While incorporating some animal inspired decor. Cork and natural fiber rope can turn into beautiful pieces of decor with lots of flexibility. Pine cones, nuts and leaves also make a great seasonal display and are easily preserved to be used at a later time.

Using natural items in your home to connect the outside and the inside is a simple feat with center pieces or table decor.  Or taking a more dramatic approach by using stone on walls or wood counter tops in rooms can add a completely different look to a home. Enjoy your looks of a natural setting right inside your home.