Celebrating the World with Maps

MapsWhat an adventure travel provides us. And with the Olympic Games celebrating the countries around the world, why not decorate a room or a piece of furniture with maps? We have maps from all over the world and love the reminders they bring us to the glorious locations while also educating us on what the world has to offer.

Design Techniques

Using maps in setting tables as place mats and conversation pieces like name cards. Additionally, decorating lampshades or a wall with country or city specific locations can be entertaining and engaging. Using maps to frame mirrors and photos might remind you of a special trip. You can use them to create shades and pillow covers, to line drawers and line tables. Include them on coasters and start the conversations off with where are you or your drink traveling today.


If maps are not your thing, maybe globes can give you that same feeling of adventure. Using globes in your home can remind people that the world is vast. And if ever you want to win that game with a question on geography, you might have that tool right in front of you.

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