Maintenance Tip: Inspect Attic for Leaks During Heavy Rain

Inspect Attic for Leaks

Heavy rains can cause challenges around your home. If you have heavy rains, it is a good time to climb in your attic and inspect attic for leaks during these heavy rains. Specifically check in areas where openings might exist like vents and check roof lines or any changes in roof direction or slope.  If you do have leaks, address them immediately as water in your attic can cause damage to home’s  insulation, mechanical equipment and wall and frame structure.  Water in your walls can cause mold which can cause health issues with your family. So it is important to address water leaks as quickly as possible.

Find your attic’s access panel, pull down your ladder and carefully climb the ladder.  Taking a flashlight with you as you are climbing the ladder will help you see once you are in the dark attic.  If you do find leaks, bring buckets immediately to capture the water flowing through the leaks.  Once you have identified the leaks it is time to conduct repairs.  If you are not comfortable climbing your roof, find a professional to help you.  If you are, carefully determine the materials you need to repair your roof, wait for the rains to slow or stop and make the appropriate repairs.  Remember climbing a roof can be very dangerous so take the appropriate precautions before tackling this task.

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