IBS Kitchen and Bath Show Trends

Bath Show Trends

After a visit to the International Builders and Kitchen and Bath Show, we discovered a few kitchen and bath show trends happening in the world of home improvement.


First, a lot of clean lines and a slim simple look was on display. From faucets to drawer pulls to cabinets themselves, the very stylish look of a smooth finish gave attention to simplicity in design. This simplicity was designed around a very striking piece in a room. Door handles and knobs like those from Baldwin were also stand out pieces that made doors pop with cleanliness and power with new finishes like Venetian Bronze and Distressed Bronze.We also recognized a lot of glass work on cabinets, counter tops, and sinks to enhance a room with smooth ease. We liked the clean lines of the glass sinks of Aqua Brass.

Complete Solutions

Secondly, we noticed a lot of attached vanities and sinks. There were so many with clean, smooth finishes to very structured or ornate legs. Luxe Bath Works stepped up and showcased some of the most beautiful vanities. There was one for everyone’s style and boy were they luxurious. We also noticed that a lot of wall mounted vanities were also a focal point during the show. Merillat cabinets showcased these choices and made it easy for show goers to envision a finished bathroom remodel.

Cabinet Options

Some additional kitchen and bath show trends were woods and veneers on cabinets. These trends focused on rich wood grains coming through to accentuate or make the cabinets the focal point of a room. Additionally, all types of finishes in multiple colors were being expressed at the show. We saw dark chocolate, a white finish, green finishes, some rich grays and even some spectacular white finishes. All of these colors still allowing the rich beautiful grains of the wood to pop. One vendor, Bremtown Cabinetry offered this incredible color called Lyptus. Bremtown also had this incredible corner cabinet that completely utilized the whole space and leveraged a system built by some German engineers.  To find more on this incredible solution, reach out to Bremtown.

Back Up

Generators are becoming a primary purchase by many homeowners with Kohler making generators for more than 90 years.  Kohler in fact had a complete section of its booth showcasing a variety of generators to fit the needs of all house sizes and needs.


The final trend we recognized were screens that were retractable and on a slide format or motorized screens that through a switch descended to create a patio free from bugs and a protectant from the sun.  We met some great people at Phantom Screens that had some unbelievable solutions to create solar shading.

If you want some real fun, for $2995 you can purchase the Award winning Viking free standing smoker.   Ribs cooked in this Viking smoker apparently took first place in Memphis at Memphis in May.

Home improvements are on the rise and there are so many choices on how to design your new project. Enjoy the trends we found and find some new trends of your own.