Home Maintenance Tip: Sprinkle Sand or Salt for Traction

Sprinkle Sand or Salt for TractionIt has been snowing a lot this year and with snow comes the melting of snow. If you have not done it, it is a good time to sprinkle sand or salt for traction on walkways or driveways in what might be slippery areas.  Thin ice and black ice appear due to the melting of snow and are often hard to detect if you are not looking closely enough.  In order to protect your family and visitors to your home, pick up some bags of sand or salt (kitty litter can also help the situation), carefully sprinkle it around hardscape areas like walkways, porches and driveways. This is important to avoid falls or injuries due to slippery or icy sidewalks. This simple task can make the difference between whether or not injuries will occur.

Getting out in the cold to sprinkle sand or salt for traction is much safer than a fall. These falls can result in a broken bone or some other significant injury  like a head injury.

Using picks and shovels to remove large areas of ice and snow can also support this task.  For more information on this tip, watch the video here at HomeZada’s maintenance library.