Lighting the Night with Some Fun Nightlights


Getting around your house in the dark can sometimes be tricky.  Here are some great nightlights solutions to help you see while trying to find your way.


Turn on lights that plug into a socket in strategic areas of your home. You can choose from a variety of nightlights depending on your style, your humor or your child’s preference.

Try using a nightlight that automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. So you never have to remember to turn it on. This particular nightlight can also be maneuvered to create light in a specific direction.

If you do not want nightlights coming on and remaining on when no one is in the room, you can also try a motion detected night light.  Like the one here from Mr Beams.

Some nightlights are so cool, you might want to keep them on all the time like this night light from ThinkGeek.

Choosing the right night lighting also takes into effect the glow you want to create. Waking up to a bright glow might cause shock in someone, or using overhead night lights versus floor level night lights or some combination. Using night lights in your home if you have members of your family or visitors that get up in the middle of the night. These could be useful to avoid any physical accidents.