Bathtubs and Relaxing in your Private Oasis

With our busy schedules and everyone being pulled in many directions, it is nice to just take a relaxing bath.  Getting your bathtubs ready and started can be done in a few easy steps.  

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Relaxation starts with creating a relaxing atmosphere.  Keeping a tidy bathroom is a start to creating this atmosphere.  Additionally, low lighting and adding candles could help create a spa like relaxing atmosphere. Using scents like oils in your bath or scented candles can also create a soothing and mind relaxing environment.  Add music or bring along a book to enhance the bathing experience.


Fill the tub with water that feels nice.  Almost like the Goldilocks scenario:  not too cold and not too hot.  A cold bath will create a shock effect while a hot bath can actually hurt your skin. So carefully fill your tub with the appropriate water temperature and quantity.  Watch your water limit because as you climb in the tub, your body weight will raise the water level and you do not want an overflowing tub.

To Bubbles or Not to Bubbles

Adding bubbles to a bath can be fun and relaxing but they can also cause challenges if your bath has jets then bubbles are not advised as the material can clog the jets.  However, other options are using herbs, oils, or Epson salts. Epson salts are great because they can also alleviate muscle aches and are great as a skin softener.

Here are some great bathrooms that may give you inspiration on your relaxing environment or inspiration on remodeling that new bathroom.

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