Going Gold

In celebration of the recent Olympics and the upcoming Oscars, let’s talk gold. Using gold to highlight a room can bring a feeling of enjoyment, stability and optimism.  This color can symbolize wisdom, luxury and high standards. It also evokes a sense of glamour, compassion and courage. 

It’s the Little Things

Adding this color to a room can be as simple as adding a colored picture frame or vase. Even adding a color coated candle, pillows or a lamp. By adding small accent color items around a room, you add a sense of elegance to the room. You can also use accent pieces to change the style and design of your room throughout the year. By using gold pieces one part of the year and other accents pieces in other colors during different seasons. Even using linens in bedrooms to introduce gold tones and change the feel of your bedroom. Adding accent pieces in this color is a way to add glamour and luxury to a room. All without breaking the budget.

Furniture Can Lend a Hand

Gold sofas and chairs can directly set the stage for a room by being the central focused piece of the room. Using tables with gold accents or completely colored in this rich color gives you an opportunity to incorporate or leverage existing furniture and colors within a room. Adding gold paint to pieces in your home like kitchen cabinets or wood furniture becomes an affordable approach to adding brightness in a room. This fabulous color is one of those colors that can actually blend and coordinate with most other colors in the spectrum. Using furniture with gold tones can either become the central focus of a room or be the accents you need. These accents may be exactly what you need to make the room really stand out.

Adding Color to Walls and Floors

Paint, wallpaper, and tiles are great ways to add this color in a room. Try painting one wall in your gold room with the color you want to showcase. Wallpaper gives you a lot of options of incorporating gold. The wallpaper design you choose can have a primary color or use the color as the accent color in the design. Tiles used on a floor, a counter top or back splash can really make a room pop with luxury and pizzazz. Even using rugs or new carpet in this color and its tones can further enhance the room.

Here are some examples of rooms with this glorious color that your might enjoy and gain inspiration.