Decorating with Words

Words are powerful and provide some wonderful inspiration. Decorating with words in your home can be such fun and showcase your love of your home and your family.   Here are some ways to decorate your home with words.


There are several ways to incorporate words on your wall.  Try taking letters and placing them in frames to highlight the initials of all your family members.  Use plaques made by so many stores that share a message or story.  Try using wall decals to share your views.  Or if you have a creative artistic hand, paint your message.

Table Accessories

Table plaques, frames, and art messages are a great way to introduce yourself to visitors in your home.  There are plenty of great stores like Home Goods, Hallmark, Pottery Barn and more that sell these types of items.   Build your own messages with a printer and a frame.  Use burlap on a board to create message using push pins  or other items to create a message on a burlap bulletin board or photo frame with messages.

Accent Pieces

Monograms on towels or around your home.  Pillows with favorite sayings can be an expression of our thoughts.  Try using mugs that make drinking a cup of coffee inspirational.   Even blankets and throws can help you cuddle with meaning. And do not forget to look down.  Adding decals to the floor or using mats can help convey a message.

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