Do Not Do it Yourself: 4 Home Improvement Projects Best Left to the Pros

Do Not Do it Yourself

 Guest Blogger: Jeremy Thompson

A home improvement project is the fastest way to customize and add value to your home. Many people even choose to start home improvement projects themselves to save money on the cost of skilled professional labor. However, there are some home improvement projects that should always be handled by a professional contractor for best results. So do not do it yourself if a pro is better suited for the work.

Whether for reasons of convenience, expense or safety, attempting to save a dime by performing some projects yourself could cost you a dollar later. So do not do it yourself when trying to conduct the following projects.

Window Replacement

Installing energy-efficient windows is an excellent way to conserve energy. They can also more efficiently manage the temperature in your home. And can even make you eligible for certain tax credits. But only if the windows are installed properly. Window installation experts have extensive experience working with both windows and the aluminum, vinyl or wood materials that typically surrounds them. And they use specialized tools to ensure an exact, secure fit for every window. New windows can be expensive enough without the higher energy bills associated with poorly mounted windows.


While most homeowners are perfectly capable of running routine maintenance such as cleaning the gutters and regularly inspecting for faulty shingles, roof repair or remodeling should never be attempted by an amateur. Not only do you risk a fatal fall with a DIY roofing project, you could also do further damage to your roof. And end up having to call a professional anyway. Self-inflicted damage to your roof could also affect your roof’s warranty. For more information on roof warranties click here.  For these safety and legal reasons it is best to leave roofing projects to the professionals.

Exterior Painting

On the surface painting may seem like a relatively simple task. But beneath every smooth, even layer of exterior paint are hours upon hours of power washing, scraping, sanding, caulking and priming. All of this before the first hue-dipped paintbrush touches any wall of your home. The process is painstaking and requires significant time and equipment to perform properly. Defeating the common savings and convenience benefits of DIY projects. Older homes may also have lead-based paint to remove that must be handled and disposed of carefully. Painting the inside of your house is fairly straightforward. But for best results, painting outside requires outside assistance.

Tree Removal

If your project involves uprooting a pesky sapling that sprouted between your home’s last owner and your move-in, you may be able to do it yourself. Just use a shovel and a couple of hours. The 50 year old, 2-story holly tree that drops spiky leaves on the grass where your children and pets play is a slightly larger removal project. Between the time you will spend coordinating a fall that doesn’t end in your home office. The difficulty in devising a safe and cost-effective method of felling and the hassle of tree disposal once it becomes an enormous log. Professional assistance quickly becomes a preferable option to going it alone. Tree removal is a complicated and multifaceted process. And only a professional can ensure that it all goes down smoothly.

Professionals exist because they have the skills and training to do the job right the first time. And with some projects, that’s the only chance you’ll get. Their knowledge and insight allows them to perform these tasks more safely, and more effectively. And often at a lower overall cost than a spirited, but inexperienced homeowner. DIY home improvement projects have become more popular than ever in the information age. But there are still some jobs best left to the pros.

Author Bio: Jeremy Thompson is a freelance writer from Toronto, Ontario. She has a passion for outdoor ad home improvement projects.