Home Project Tip: Closet Remodel

Closet Remodel

Getting a master bedroom closet organized is one of the most popular mini projects for many people. Storing various different sizes and lengths of clothes, shoes, and other personal accessories can be a challenge. The thought of having a closet remodeled based on your wardrobe and your specific organizational goal is a small dream for some people. If you are reusing the existing space of your closet, then this project involves some carpentry. In creating specific storage solutions for various parts of an overall shoe and clothes collection. But some people take the opportunity to make the overall size of their closet larger by expanding interior walls. Using organizing tools to help in this process can also help with the costs and overall amount of work that is necessary.

Items to budget for with a closer remodel

Most of the budget items for a closet remodel are shelving and closet components. Some other options are built-in carpentry and labor costs to put it all together.


 How to design and build your closet remodel

First start with, understanding the total space you have in your closet. Then it becomes a space allocation effort over how much of your total space should be allocated to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Another step in the process is creating an inventory of your wardrobe. This might also be a good time to go through your clothes. And determine what it is you really need. And donate what you do not need.

There are many closet remodeling products and services that can help you redesign your closet based on the physical size of the closet. Always consider the inventory of your wardrobe. Or you can create your own closet from scratch by using pre-configured materials or building the materials from lumber. If you decide to build out your closet yourself, making a design of your space and measuring thoroughly will be important. Having the proper measurements and design will help you when buying the appropriate amount of material.

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