Improve the Efficiency of the Home by Maintaining the HVAC System


Guest Blogger: Ken Myers

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is an important aspect of being comfortable indoors. Whether you are keeping warm in the winter or cool in the summer, maintaining the HVAC system can vastly improve the efficiency of your home. Regardless of the types of devices you use, there is always a need to properly care and clean each of those units prior to using them. What kind of improvements will this regular maintenance create for home life?

1. Air Quality

If you have systems that heat or cool the home by circulating air, then maintaining these systems will improve the quality of what you’re breathing. Instead of cycling dust and other particulates throughout the home, you can clean and replace filters. This is especially a good idea if someone in the home is asthmatic as that dust can cause breathing problems for the individual.

2. Energy Usage

Keeping the HVAC systems maintained can decrease the amount of energy the units need in order to alter the temperature of the home. When you set the thermometer on the heater or air conditioner, that unit will use every bit of power and/or gas. This is necesssary in order to make the room that particular temperature. If the system has an easier time circulating air without obstructions such as a clogged filter or an object within the vents. Then the ideal temperature can be reached quicker. This reduces the amount of time the system has to be activated.

3. Less Money

An efficient home is one that doesn’t require a great deal of money in utilities. By keeping the HVAC systems well cared for, less money is used by way of electric and/or gas bills. The extra money you save each month could range from a few dollars or more. More savings could be enough to go out for dinner periodically. Of course, the size of your home will play a factor in how well it performs.

4. Repair Costs

By maintaining your HVAC system in the home, you reduce the future costs for repairing hardware that breaks down. The harder a furnace or air conditioner has to work in order to make the temperature tolerable, the less time those components have before repair is needed. A blower can overheat and break down especially if it’s covered in debris and dust. Keeping all of these components regularly maintained will lengthen the time you can enjoy them.

5. Quicker Conditioning

When your HVAC system is properly maintained, it will take less time to make the temperature of the room to what you set the gauge. Instead of waiting for extensive periods of time while the room warms or cools, you could be comfortably reading in your favorite armchair or watching a movie. However, this quicker conditioning is also dependent on the size of the room and how ventilated the home is. Gaps in the doors and windows can make your HVAC system work harder.

You should try to keep your heating and cooling systems as cleaned and as maintained as possible. It could save you money in energy, repair and medical costs of varying degrees. Only a few minutes is what it will take you to examine the system to make sure it is operating at peak performance. It can save you a great deal of trouble down the road.

Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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