Using Rugs to Add Flare to a Room

Decorating can be fun and challenging depending on your skill and confidence. One great way to create a new look in a room or throughout your home is to use a rug.  Rugs can add a feeling of comfort, a splash of bright color, or a way to cover up a flaw in your floor.  Using rugs to add flare in the room can be as simple as placing a uniquely designed or brightly colored rug right in the center of a room.

Adding a feeling of being in a different country like Morocco or a bohemian appeal. Try adding lots of smaller rugs to the same area overlapping them to keep people guessing about your style. Trying using an animal print rug to create a western feel or wildness to your environment. Rugs can also help create an elegant effect adding the one item to step up the impressiveness of your room.

Adding throw rugs to a room are also great ways to change up the decorating in a room. You can use a rug in one room in year one, and take that same rug and move it to another room in year two. Using this switching technique is also an affordable way to refresh your home over the years.

5 Responses to “Using Rugs to Add Flare to a Room”

  1. The easiest way to use rugs to add FLARE to a room is the set them alight. That ‘s rather drastic, especially if you merely intended to add FLAIR.

  2. We love cowhide rugs. Agree with you Barbara on giving a room a country feel.