HomeZada Home Maintenance Tip: Reseal Grout

HomeZada Home Maintenance Tip: Reseal Grout

Reseal grout on any ceramic tile you may have in your home is very important to keep your tile surfaces looking new and to keep your walls, floors and other areas protected. Reseal grout found on tile floors, bathroom showers, counter tiles, back splashes and more to make your tile look fresh. This is an important home maintenance tip because grout is porous and therefore very susceptible to discoloration, stain, and a crafty place for mold and mildew to grow. It is not fun if you develop mildew and mold in your home because both mold and mildew can cause illnesses. Find the appropriate sealer and apply it to your tiles and grout lines to keep things look fresh and like new. 

How to reseal grout

Make sure your grout lines are clean and dry before beginning the sealing process.  You may need to clean them with a mild solution of soap and water and scrub them. Once the area is dry, can can then start applying the sealant. You will need to buy a penetrating sealer and follow the instructions. Another item that makes this job easier is to buy a grout sealing plastic bottle.  It is essentially a spray type bottle with a roller on the tip that allows you to roll the sealer on. This can make life a whole lot easier.

Fill the bottle with the sealer. Using the roller bottle, roll on top of the grout lines to seal them. Carefully wipe away and excess grout but be careful not to remove the grout from the area that needs grout. For more information on resealing your grout, visit HomeZada’s Maintenance Library.

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