Hiring a Contractor: 12 Questions to Ask a Contractor

Are you ready or thinking about some home maintenance or home improvement projects? Do you need professional assistance from a trained contractor? Here are some key questions to ask when interviewing a contractor. These questions are necessary and should be easy for any contractor to answer. If contractors cannot answer them, then it is time to interview another contractor. We also suggest you ask if all contractors have examples of their work that they can can share with you. References are also a great idea to ask for to understand how your potential contractors can work with others. These and other questions are similar to those in the following infographic detailing other related reference questions. Use technology to help understand your contractors work. Ask if you can see their work via Skype, Google Hangouts, Face time or in person.  We also like to know more about unexpected situations and how they will be addressed if they present themselves. Is there a process for notifying the homeowner of the situation and who is responsible for the payment or extra delays. We hope these questions help you in interviewing your contractors to find the right one contractor for your home maintenance, repair or home remodeling project.

12 Questions to Ask a Contractor