HomeZada Fall Maintenance Tip: Trim Shrubs Away From Siding

HomeZada Home Maintenance Tip trim shrubs away from siding

We are always proactively thinking of ways that could affect the overall health of your home. Believe it or not, your landscaping in your yard can be those trouble makers if not managed properly. Trim shrubs away from your home can help protect your home during heavy storms or high winds that with overgrown shrubs can cause damage to your home. Shrubs that grow out of control can cause damage to your home. During winter storms, wind and rain rub the shrubs against your siding and can cause damage to the side of your home, as well as, your screens and windows. Shrubs are also a magnet for insects which can use the proximity to your home as a way to trying to get in to your home. You can minimize your pest and insect problems, as well as, the rubbing on your screens by trimming shrubs away from the side of your home.

Make sure you trim shrubs about 6 – 12 inches from your home. This will keep them from rubbing up against the house especially during wind and rain storms. This is especially important with wood siding and trim around windows. However, it is still good to trim shrubs around your home no matter your home’s exterior.

If you use ladders or hedge cutters, by all means practice safe use of these tools. Use gloves and protective eye wear but also make sure your ladder is steady or you have someone to help you with this home maintenance project to trim shrubs.

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