How to Create a Gallery Wall That Wows

Create a Gallery Wall Guest Blogger: Tim Smith

Creating an interesting art grouping on the wall is trickier than it looks, but when it’s pulled off, you’ll have a wall straight out of a magazine. Naturally, it’s best to put some careful consideration into how to go about it before you start pounding holes in your wall. To create a gallery wall, first, decide what you want to display. Photographic art, 3D art, textile art, or a mixture of various items?

If you want to create the quintessential photo art gallery with different size frames, simply take some paper (newspaper or garbage bags work fine) and trace around each frame you intend to hang in order to create a temporary template. Experiment with the configuration by taping them to the wall in a variety of patterns until you come up with one you really like.

Here are some helpful guidelines on how to create other interesting and eye-catching gallery walls:

Hang similar things or collections together

Hanging a certain collection of art together is probably one of the most attractive and beautiful ways to display art groupings. Try hanging a balanced arrangement of vintage, classic silhouettes of people, animals, objects, or landscapes. Although each individual piece of art is rather small, the entire collection hung together on the wall makes a huge visually powerful statement.

Use virtually anything for art

Art isn’t only pictures in frames, or items purchased at a home store that’s obviously intended to be art. Art is anything that ‘speaks’ to you and looks visually appealing enough to display on the wall. The key is to figure out how to safely secure it to your wall. If you like it, it’s art. Period.

Build upwards and outwards

Starting at a certain point on the wall (typically eye level), begin hanging your items; usually starting with the biggest piece first, or the one you admire the most if size isn’t an issue. Next, begin to build your wall arrangement outward on either side and upward to make it grow.

Create 3D art

Art doesn’t necessarily have to be flat to the wall. In fact, 3D wall art is extremely interesting, especially when it has its own story to tell the onlookers. For instance, consider flanking a pair of wrought iron sconces on either side of an arrangement, while resting candles on either one. Display a vintage set of decorative Asian-inspired plates in between for an interesting, one-of-a-kind look.

Mix it up

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and step beyond your comfort zone. While grouping like collections together is appealing, it’s also predictable. Don’t let yourself think you can’t create a wall gallery unless you have “standard” art to work with. It’s fine, and even attractive, but mixing up what you put on the wall is even more exciting, bold, and unique.

No matter what you hang on your wall, the key is to maintain proper balance and distance between pieces, or it will start to look “hodge-podgy” and chaotic. Visual rhythm and order is what makes art so attractive on the wall.

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