Maintenance Tip: Prune Tree Branches and Limbs

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Fall brings first the fall foliage and then the leaves falling from the trees. This is an excellent time to prune tree branches and limbs. Many tree limbs and branches will grow and extend over your home. Trimming these branches prior to the winter season will eliminate some risk to your home. Large windy storms can cause tree branches to break off which can damage the roof, gutters, and side of your home. Snow storms can also accumulate heavy amounts of snow on large branches causing them to break and fall on your home.

It is a safety precaution for both your family and your home to cut down dangerous tree branches prior to the storm season.So prune tree branches and near by shrubs is a good and safe idea.

Cutting tree branches

It is best to prune tree branches that are extending over the home. This will protect your home from falling branches and potentially any damage to your home. Tree branches can break windows, cause roof problems, drain spout and gutter damage. When you prune tree branches, be careful that you do not damage the tree or cause risk to your person. If the diameter of a branch is six inches or larger, you will probably need a chain saw. Be extra cautious when using a chain saw reading the instructions and wearing safety goggles. If you have younger or smaller trees with thinner branches, you can use a tree cutter to snap off the branches. Be careful that you do not engage anyone around you with falling branches and practice safety when using any cutting type tool or any ladders.

If there are taller branches that are not that thick, you can also use an extender with a string cutter to prune those.  Here is a great overview video from The Home Depot.

Adding the prune tree task to your maintenance calendar will also help your remember what time of year to perform the task and also remind you when pruning your trees is scheduled each year.