6 Halloween Decorating Tips


Goblins and Ghouls are on their way and maybe a super hero or two. Halloween brings all kinds out to show their costume inspiration and is a fun time of year to see all the different colors ready to showcase your home.  Fall, and in particular Halloween, offers some great concepts on decorating and can bring out your inner witch or demon. Here are some Halloween decorating tips to help you define how you want your home to look when the trick or treaters arrive.

Light up the Night

Using lights to create messages on the walls of your home or creating a scary feel to your home can easily be created with some outdoor extension cords and up lights.  These can be portable up lights that you display during the month and can than store once the month is over. Try changing out your entry lights from clear to orange bulbs for quick Halloween decorating tips. This will bring the Halloween spirit to your front porch. Even using back lights inside your home through windows will give an eerie feeling to your home creating a haunted look. Using lanterns or mason jars with candles in them to light up paths will also highlight the Halloween season.

Get the Pumpkins Ready

Whether you like pumpkins as is, painted, carved or decorated, pumpkins are the ultimate symbol of Halloween. Painting the exterior of the pumpkin will create a look that can speak to spooky with faces or patterns representing the season. Decorating pumpkins to create a glamorous and stylish witchy feel to your front porch will give you a new look and design and are creative Halloween decorating tips that the whole family can enjoy. Carving pumpkins is a favorite past time allowing the whole family able to create their own design for display. And baking the pumpkin seeds with some brown sugar and a dash of cayenne can make a tasty treat later on. Using pumpkins as is and in a variety of sizes can also make a home look beautiful for fall. Using the pumpkins for both the Halloween season and the Thanksgiving holiday can extend your Halloween decorating tips.

Dress up your Windows

Sometimes the simplest of tricks can make the biggest impact. Using large construction paper to create shapes and people and then taping them to your windows and then adding back lighting on the windows can create a scene for all passersby to see.  Another option might be to create spider webs or hang bats from windows to showcase a house that has been invaded by the critters.

Bring on the Fog

Using fog machines to create an illusion of a far off place can also help enhance the spookiness you decide to create around your home. Halloween decorating tips like Halloween’s headless horsemen and its zombies and adding fog to a homemade cemetery or to a ghostly sheet can make walking to your home a second thought or an exhilarating experience.

Bring on the Music

What better way to get everyone in the mood for trick or treating then with incorporating music into your presentation. Whether you have a whole house audio system where you can pipe in the music or your have portable speakers that can showcase the sounds of Halloween, adding music or Halloween sounds can enhance the experience for your arriving guests.

Remember the Entryway

As trick or treaters intrepidly make their way to your front door, their experience does not have to stop when the door opens. Dressing up the entry way to include it as part of the front yard decor is a great way to embrace Halloween. Decorating your entryway will also show your commitment to Halloween and your spooky design and make your home one of the coolest Halloween homes on the street.

Here’s to spooky and ghoulish adventures with a taste of zombie and maybe a dash of witch.

Happy Halloween!