Everything’s Coming up Pink

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are highlighting how to incorporate pink decor into your home. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was designed to bring more awareness to the effect of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month also brings awareness to early detection and treatment of the disease.

As we highlight the color pink, we showcase the reasons if makes great home decor. This color gives off a calming or sedating feel to a room and invites romance and love. Here are some great examples of incorporating shades of this color into your home. And with pink, you can still remain stylish. If you are not a huge pink fan, try a throw pillow or a set of flowers to give a quick accent to a room.  If you love this color and it is your thing, beyond furniture, draperies, walls and accent pieces, there are shades of pink you can find in granite or wood materials. Using pink with rich grays, browns, and even blacks can give this soothing color the stand out it needs in rooms. Using multiple and different shades of this color or adding reds into the room, will showcase your love of this bright, vibrant color. But this can also give the room a current look.

Bringing awareness to breast cancer will help us find a cure and eliminate this disease. Adding this color into your home will give you a feeling of calm and romance.

Happy Decorating!