HomeZada Remodel Tip: New Roof

HomeZada Remodel Tip New Roof

Roofs have a life span based on the quality of the roofing material and the quality of the installation. Older homes that were built 20 years ago often have a wooden “shake” roof. These wood roofs not only deteriorate quickly, but are often fire hazards. Flying embers can start quickly and fire can quickly expand over the entire roof. Replacing a roof with a new roof is usually done because the existing roof is worn out. Or there are significant number of leaks that make sense to replace the roof.

Choosing what material to use is necessary in a roofing project. Other things to consider are labor costs, the current structure to support the weight of the chosen material, gutters, and of course the color and aesthetics. Different roofing material have different types of weather conditions that can be sustained. Some tile roofs may not be able to withstand seriously cold weather. Tile roofs may break under the weight of snow or may crack with cold whether. Warm weather areas are best suited to tile roofs.

Project items for a roofing replacement

Roof material is a major choice to be made when thinking about replacing a roof. However, there are a few other things to research and budget for in your roofing project. Here is a sample list of items that need to be considered when choosing a new roof. Colors of roofing material, downspouts, and gutters is critical to crafting an aesthetically appealing look to your home.

Downspouts Plywood
Flashings Roofing Paper
Gutters Roofing Material
Insulation Labor

How to select your roofing material

There are many different products and brands to choose from in selecting your new roof. Some examples of choices for roofing materials include asphalt shingles, fire treated wood shingles, metal roofs, slate, engineered composite materials, and tiles roofs.The criteria to consider when selecting your roof include cost, aesthetic look, color, fire protection, and the warranty period.

Each one of these materials has a different lifespan and costs. It is also important to consider your geographical region and what material can sustain the weather. Your choice depends on whether or not your roof can support the material. If you choose a heavier material, you will also have to determine if your current structure can support this heavy roof choice. Your roof and home’s structure can support the weight of heavier material, then any roof material is an option. If the structure cannot support the weight, then you either have to add to your budget to reinforce the structure or choose a lighter roofing material.

Finding a local roofing contractor to conduct this work is always a good option. If you choose to do this work yourself, remember safety and follow the necessary precautions. A new roof will also help create more insulation in a home. And you may find that your energy costs are lowered because a new roof can remove challenges like leaks.

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