Fine Linen Storage

fine linen

Oftentimes, we pull out special fine linens for special occasions like a holiday, birthday, anniversary or some special party. When you are using fine linens and you need to store them, you need a location that will keep the linens neat and free from wrinkles. Fine linen storage requires good clean areas that will protect your prized linens.  Read More

Deterring Burglars with These Simple Tips

This time of year bring thieves out in full force. They know the holidays are upon us and that the spend on children’s toys, electronics and jewelry is higher than most times during the year. There are some things that you can do to deter burglars from making a visit to your home.

Simple ideas like lighting your home and adding an alarm system can deter burglars. This infographic details some of these activities. For more information and tips on deterring burglars, you can Read More

Home Maintenance Tip: Lubricate Your Garage Door

HomeZada Home Maintenance Lubricate Your Garage Door

Your garage door has a number of moving parts and gets used quite extensively. As a result, those moving parts must be lubricated. Lubricate your garage door in order to prevent a loud and squeaky door. Lubricating your garage door can also keep your door running as efficiently as possible. If you do not lubricate your garage door, your door could wear out faster than it needs to. This can result in more money to replace parts. Or worse, your garage door can come crashing down because your springs break causing damage to property or injury to people.  Read More

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Guests Coming to Visit

Guests Coming to Visit

With the upcoming holidays, the time of year for family and friends is quickly approaching. Many family and friends get together from different areas around the US or even the world and stay at each other’s homes. When these guests coming to visit and are staying with you, here are some great tips to help make their stay more comfortable.  Read More

Winter Home Buying – What You Need to Know

Think buying a home in winter is crazy. Not really. Winter home buying is not as common. But to buy a home in winter requires putting aside other activities and festivities for the holidays. But there are some great reasons why buying a home in winter just might pay off. Take a look at why some people might like winter home buyinger and the benefits it has on them. Are you alone when you visit homes? So that you can have the home search experience all to yourself? Do you get to experience your ability to care for a home in winter? Because you see the effects of winter? Buying a home in winter can also give you tax benefits. Especially if you buy the home before the end of calendar year.
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