6 Tips for Renting Out Your Home


Guest Blogger: AJ Smith

As the housing market continues to recover, you may hear about renting mavens that capitalize on the increasing rental market. Renting can be a great way to make some extra income, but it’s important to consider the appropriate preparations before you get on board. If you are thinking about renting out your home, here are some tips to consider.

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Mardi Gras Inspired Home Design

mardi gras home design

In 1718, New Orleans started celebrating its now infamous Mardi Gras.  It originally started with high society functions and then later became the Mardi Gras we know today with parades and parties throughout the city.  This event starts the eve of Lent giving people the ability to indulge to their hearts’ content prior to sacrifice for the weeks to come.

New Orleans, like Carnivale, have added vibrant colors and themes to define this time of year.  Adding elements of Mardi Gras to your home can create a lively and energetic theme to your space.  Let’s start with Mardi Gras Colors Read More

Home Remodeling Tip: Kitchen Appliance Upgrade

HomeZada Home Remodel Tip Kitchen Appliance Upgrade

A full kitchen remodel is expensive and many people may not have the budget to complete a full overhaul of a kitchen. However, replacing your kitchen appliance can be the new and fresh look you need to jump start your kitchen investment.  Replacing kitchen appliances are necessary if your current appliances are worn and starting to break down causing inefficiencies. When adding new appliances keep in mind two key aspects of this project; Read More

50 Shades of Grey for the Home

Shades of Grey Home+Remodeling+Rhode+Island+Maloney+InteriorsThe books have taken the world by storm and now with the movie being released this weekend, it is time to showcase the many shades of grey for your home.

Grey oftentimes is considered a drab color to add to home yet in recent years, richer shades of grey have been popping up showing us that grey really is making rooms stand out. Grey or gray is a color that evokes neutrality and has a calming presence in someone’s life.  It is free of chaos Read More

Interior Design Tile Style Guide

Tile GuideFrom the floor that you walk on to the unique accents in your shower, tile offers a customized look to your home’s interior design. With options including glass, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and exotic tile, there are tile options for every budget, every area, and every desired aesthetic.

Depending on the tile type you choose, you will find some more durable than others. Different tiles will work in different areas of our home. Knowing what you need to use tile in your interior design will be more details in the infographic.