Nine Hidden Dangers In Your House shows us nine hidden danger areas of your home that without care can cause problems in your home. Simple maintenance can help avoid fires, water damage and the potential for mold. This infographic can show you areas of potential hidden dangers and some simple tasks that can be performed to avoid these hidden dangers.

The areas of your home that have equipment or focus on structural components of your home are the areas that are best to focus on when understanding how to protect your home and your family. Equipment like dryers in laundry rooms, furnaces in basements, attics or garages, and appliances like stoves in the kitchen require care and home maintenance in order to avoid fires of any sort. Roofs and fireplaces are structural areas of the home that require checks and cleaning in order to avoid water, smoke or fire damage to walls and flooring.

Also remember to trim trees to avoid window damage like winds blowing trees into your windows causing broken glass and potential rains getting into your home. And check your doors and windows to protect against burglars.

Plumbing in your home can be a very dangerous problem because it can cause burst pipes or broken toilets which can result in water damage throughout your home which could require a lot of money to repair. Not to mention the inconvenience of not having the use of an area of the home. Hidden Dangers in Your House