What Every Mom Needs a Great Organized Command Center

Command Center

Being a mom can be one of the most challenging career choices. Keeping track of where your children are, what activities are happening for every family member, scheduling meals and keeping up with school work. Wow, we’re tired already!  Not to mention, volunteer programs, piano lessons, math tutors, doctors appointments, and having some precious vacation time. Having multiple children that have different activities and schedules can also add to the logistics. Managing the family activities can be a full time job; then you add in grocery shopping, taking care of the home, scheduling service providers to help with tasks, and the list goes on an on. Life brings us so much joy, but most moms need time to manage life’s necessities. As well as, tips and tools be be organized so they can ensure all the activities get done.

As a parent, having a commandcenter or central workstation to help manage all the different happenings from week to week and from child to child is a vital way to keep yourself and your family organized. This workstation can consist of a few key components to get everyone organized.


Whether you use a printed calendar or an electronic calendar, having a central location for everyone’s activities including the adults will help keep everyone organized. A calendar can help identify if a child needs to be driven somewhere to attend an event. Or if the whole family is going to grandmother’s for dinner. Identifying school field trips and after school activities will help keep an account of where everyone needs to be and when.

Charging Area

With all the technology being used by adults and children, adding a centralized charging area to your desk or workstation will give everyone a central place. This central command center will be used to get their cameras, phones, laptops, tablets and much more charged. Having this centralized area will also help everyone in the family know where there electronics are at all times. No chance feeling like family members lost them. And also host the variety of charger connections to meet every electronic need.

Weekly Events

Nothing is worse than a forgotten permission slip to attend a great field trip or a forgotten set of refreshments for sports practice. Keep a bin or folder on the desk that houses all the necessary information for the upcoming week or two. This will give parents time to review the folder every week and review the calendar of events. This will let everyone know where family members need to be. And also what is expected of everyone in the family. It will also help assign tasks and responsibility to all family members to meet the week’s needs.

Toss it, Act on it, or File it

This concept applies with both paper coming into your home and emails to your inbox. This philosophy of tossing out a piece of paper or deleting a file that is not relevant, acting on it or file it away for a later time can help prioritize the activities in the family. It can also help by not distracting your from the items and information that is relevant to helping your family. So keeping a waste basket and a small filing system nearby can help with this task.


Depending on what the family needs, having small canisters around the work area with little items like paper clips or pens and post items, can help you be more organized.  Maybe adding a little note to your kids lunch boxes can be a surprise treat. Or just a reminder of their day’s activities to help your kids stay organized. Having a centralized place for this items will also keep them organized in one location. Rather than finding them all over the house or not at all when they are needed.

These simple organizational tips can help any mom have a centralized location that keeps the whole family informed of the activities and adventures. A centralized workstation can also help moms have a little bit more peace of mind. Knowing what is happening with their family and staying on top of what is to come.