Decorating Ideas for Your First Home as a Couple

Decorating IdeasGuest Blogger: Heather Roberts

Moving in together with your loved one as a couple can be a really exciting time. But it also carries a good amount of trouble you can get in when it comes to decorations and the need thereof. Where some may imagine a simple solution in terms of decoration such as antique furniture. Others may see a green solution or something else that fits the individual needs and vision of the person in question. Couples may have differing opinions on what is acceptable or desirable for decorations. So you would do well to find ways to work together to find a suitable middle ground. Compromises are key in any relationship, be it friendly or romantic. So you need to consider that ahead of time. The following tips will give you more information you can work with so you can achieve that balance:

  • Taking inventory together

Before you move on to your collective shopping for decorations, you may want to take a collective look at what you already have available and see how both your styles will mesh together in your new environments. You will thank yourself later when you find common ground.

  • Finding inspiration

When you first move into a home you may want to look for images of rooms online that you may like. Especially since these may be excellent to use when it comes to references on how you want the room to look. In such cases you can also find a good color scheme that suits both of you so you can find a good balance between your tastes. Each of you can have your own inspiration board so you can compare results and find ways you can work together.

  • Going shopping as a couple

You need to make the shopping process as awesome as you can. So look at flea markets, antique stores, regular stores and all manner of locations you can explore. As well as, online searching to find what you need. Working together will allow you to keep things relatively level-headed. And more interesting as you move through this process.

  • Making it personal

The very idea of living in a place done by a catalog may seem intriguing in its own right. But the fact still remains that this home has to feel as much yours as you can make it, since it will reflect your personality and what it is deep down inside. You need to do this in the best way you can, combining elements and interests to reflect both your inner worlds and interests, intertwining it all together and making sure it fits like a well-made puzzle.

  • Keeping it practical

Although in many cases you may feel like this requires a lot of work, you should still keep in mind that aesthetics don’t need to always push practicality to the back seat. Both aesthetics and practicality need to take turns driving on the road to success. Or otherwise you will find yourself mired in cleaning. Carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more will need to be easy to deal with, else you will need the services of a professional cleaning company more often than you otherwise may depending on your selections.

About the Author: Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places. Therefore her present article is focused on moving.