4 Simple and Cost Effective Remodeling Tips

Courtesy: SaffronMarigoldImproving and remodeling your home does not have to be expensive and can be fun with simple tips. Going all out with a low cost budget, never felt so good. May is National Remodeling Month and as we close out this month, we wanted to share our simple and low cost tips to improve your home.


A little paint can go a long way.  If you are interested in either refreshing your home or changing a room completely, it is amazing what paint can do for a room. Adding accent colors on walls or adding a
paint design can change the focus of a room.  Paint is very affordable and requires a bit of your time, however you can have some fun with enhancing a room.


Maybe your kitchen and bathrooms do not have any knobs or drawer pulls, what a great way to dress up your room.  It might be time to change the knobs you do have to give a new look to your kitchen.  Knobs are like jewelry, like a jewelry enhances an outfit, knobs can make a room pop with dazzle.


Changing out your accents around your home can give you a nice change of pace and refresh to a room.  Accents like carpets or throw rugs, pillows, decor items, paintings, and more will show a change to a home.  You can actually change the entire feel of your home simply by changing out some accents.

Thrift Store Purchases

Adding new pieces of furniture does not always have to be the most expensive, high end pieces that you see on a showroom floor. You might find a great piece at a local thrift or consignment store. You might find a hidden treasure at a local yard sale.Taking a chance on an eccentric piece of furniture to add to your home might bring some new personality to your home’s design.

Each one of these tips can help you remodel and redesign your home. Taking some chances on new techniques might also be great way to refresh your home and show the ever changing influences on your life.

Happy Remodeling!