New homeowners must know about these 9 things

Moving into a new home is a huge deal, especially when it’s under your name. Along with the pride, there also comes great responsibility in owning your home. Buying a home is a smart investment that also comes with a few disadvantages. Here we have some tips for new homeowners to know before settling.

1. Emergency house funds

One of the most important homeowners’ tips is to start emergency savings. You cannot go to a landlord/landlady after every or any damage that happens to the house since you are the homeowner now. There is no place where you can get a budget for all the damages that might happen to your home, so it is safer to be prepared than be sorry later. Keep aside some money and keep collecting every penny you can for your home. This will help you more and take a little stress out from a usually stressful situation.

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7 Great Wedding Gifts for New Homeowners

Weddings are the perfect justification for splashing out and showing your family how much you care. Especially if the newlyweds have just bought a new home!

Think about it: it’s not every day that someone you know and love takes the double-leap of getting hitched and signing a mortgage at the same time.

If a really thoughtful wedding present is out of your budget, which is likely for many people, why not get a bunch of friends and family together, pool your cash, and surprise the couple with something really awesome?

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The Best Financial Options for First-Time Home Buyers

The Best Financial Options for First-Time Home Buyers

As a first-time home buyer, there are many financial considerations to take into account. From the beginning stages of choosing a mortgage lender, to organizing your down payment, and finally selecting your dream home. It is important to know what financial options you have available.

For many, these options can become overwhelming and confusing. To help simplify these considerations, we’ve put together a list of the best financial options available to first-time home buyers.

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Why ‘Starter Homes’ Aren’t What They Used to Be

starter homeThe concept of a “starter home” is quickly becoming a real estate relic, like track lighting and brass hardware. Time was, young families with average incomes who were shopping for a first house would choose a small one in an affordable neighborhood — maybe with just a hint of a yard and a carport, rather than a half-acre lot and a Read More

DIY Tips for First Time Homeowners

2241_first_time_home_buyerCongratulations!!! You are now a homeowner! As a first time homeowner, you may find yourself eager to move into your home, start learning about about the details of your home and then let your mind run away with all the decorating and remodeling projects to make this new home your home!  Now’s the time to also look at your own experience and skills.  Also, take a look at your network … do you have friends in construction or who have performed house projects?  There are projects that every new homeowner can handle by simple reading some instructions and then there are projects that really do require the experts. Here are some tips on what projects are easy to handle with limited experience. Read More