The Importance of Home Maintenance

couple working on a wall outsideLet’s face it, doing the little home maintenance tasks around the home are not on top of most people’s fun things to do on the weekend.  But with your home being your largest asset, it is important for a number of reasons to stay up to date on these tasks.

Most people forget about these maintenance tasks which can cause bigger problems down the road.  Other people don’t even realize all the things that should be done given the number of building materials, appliances, fixtures and equipment that need to be maintained.

Home Maintenance Schedule

It is a good idea to create a schedule for your home and property that includes all the seasonal home maintenance checklists that need to get done.  Here is a list of four reasons to take the time to create a maintenance calendar.

  1. Save money avoiding replacement costs.  Furnaces, air conditioning units, hot water heaters, garage doors and appliances will operate more efficiently with regular maintenance.  Forgetting these tasks cause this equipment to wear down sooner, causing a breakdown which requires an expensive and usually an unexpected replacement cost.
  2. Keep a safe and healthy home.   Your family lives and breathes in the home every day.   The three elements of fire, water and air can cause safety and health problems in the home.  Various maintenance tasks can prepare you if a fire were to occur and help you prevent one from starting.  Water damage can create all kinds of mold and structural problems, and poor ventilation can create unhealthy air flow in the home.
  3. Reduce utility costs.  Properly maintaining your home can reduce your monthly energy bills especially in the winter and summer months.  Properly sealing the home and ventilating the home along with efficient equipment can keep those bills down.
  4. Improve home value.  Keeping your home well maintained will keep your home value and could very well increase the value.  When and if you decide to sell your home, prospective buyers will instantly see a well maintained home which makes your home very competitive in a selling environment.

Creating a home maintenance schedule will help you remember and keep organized on all the little maintenance tasks that need to get done.   There are online software solutions that will help you with automatic reminders of these tasks, provide simple how to content and videos, and integrate with your current work or personal calendar system.

Just remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.