Managing Contacts in HomeZada

Have you ever needed that number of your plumber because a leak occurred and you needed it addressed immediately? Maybe you needed the phone number of your property manager at your vacation home or you needed the number of your alarm company in order to help shut off the alarm when you were out of town. For whatever reason you needed to find that specific contact information for you home providers, you need a system that can centralize this data.  HomeZada gives you the opportunity to track all your contacts associated for your home in one place and it simple and easy.

First, you need to login to HomeZada and on your home page, you will find the Quick Actions Box to the right. You click on the Add Contact to add the details of the contact.

HomeZada Contacts 1

Adding a new contact is simple. You fill in the fields as you see fit. You may not have all the data and that is okay. The information you feel comfortable retaining to get in contact with your home service providers is what is important. You can add contact name, company name, email addresses, phone number and other contact data.

Contacts 2


To access all your contacts when you have finished entering them, you login into HomeZada then you click View Existing Contacts to view all the contacts you have entering into the system. This will help you in times of need and also clean out your junk drawer. Time to throw away all those business cards.

Contacts 3