HomeZada Launches AI Vision for Easiest and Most Powerful Home Inventory Application

A new release of HomeZada uses AI to make creating a home inventory much quicker and more accurate. Each photo can be processed using Zada AI which visually detects multiple objects in the photo and estimates the value of each item. Zada AI also detects text on close up photos of objects such as electronics, appliances, equipment and anything that has a serial number. 

Visual AI on Room and Space Photos

Once photos are uploaded to either a space or inventory item, a gallery of photos is displayed. Use the ‘Select’ menu to choose a single photo, and then select Zada AI.  If the photo is a wide angle shot of a room, Zada AI identifies all the objects it finds and returns the list to a table. 

Zada AI also estimates the value of each item, assigns it to either a personal property or fixed asset item for insurance categorization, and provides a description of the item. You can also engage Zada AI with further discussion. Then click on the ‘Save’ menu where you can make any adjustments and then all the items are added or updated.

A must watch video on Zada AI for photos and home inventory

Visual AI on Close Up Item Photos

If the photo is a close-up photo of an individual item, use the same process to initiate Zada AI.  This time, Zada AI looks for detailed text and numbers on products where brand names are visible as well as name plates where model and serial numbers are displayed. 

Zada AI estimates the value of the item, detects the brand, model and serial number and creates a more detailed description. This is great for all the equipment and appliances as well as the individual items you think are important to your inventory. Watch this video on how magic works.

Available Homeowner and Professional Accounts

The new version of Zada AI is available in both Homeowners and Professional accounts. This makes creating a home inventory by property managers, professional organizers, estate managers and home inventory consultants much quicker and more efficiently.

Essential users of HomeZada have access to 10 Zada AI chats to help create their inventory. Premium, Deluxe and PRO users have unlimited access to Zada AI chats which allows processing of many photos in a home inventory.

Insurance Company Opportunities

HomeZada and its AI powered solution is available for insurance carriers, brokers, and agencies who want to provide their homeowner policyholders with the ability to create a home inventory. Severe weather alerts integrated with the National Weather Service and Zada AI is helpful to both homeowners and insurance companies in protecting your home from significant damages.

 Insurance companies have options such as co-branded versions that helps create meaningful customer engagement and helps reduce claims. HomeZada also offers an Affiliate Marketing program ti insurance brokers and agents.


There are a number of reasons to have a home inventory. This starts with making sure you are properly insured with the right amount of coverage. It also includes being prepared to file a claim and get quickly reimbursed if a fire or natural disaster significantly damages your home.

Other benefits include knowing all the equipment, appliances, and building materials in your home so you can properly maintain them. An inventory is also an important aspect of your estate plan for distributing your personal property. If you move to a new home, a home inventory makes hiring movers and making sure your personal property get to the new home easier.

HomeZada’s visual AI features on photos makes Zada AI the easiest and most powerful way to create a home inventory.  The platform summarizes all the home inventory into on screen dashboards and PDF reports that can be shared by each homeowner’s discretion.

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