HomeZada’s Photo Recognition AI Transforms Home Repair & Improvement Knowledge

Every homeowner, but especially first-time homeowners, struggle with figuring out how to fix, repair, and manage remodel projects. HomeZada released the ability to perform AI recognition on any photo uploaded to a task or project. This helps homeowners get expert advice based on their specific photos of their home repair and remodel issues all at their fingertips by using photo recognition.

The ability for homeowners to access specific advice based on their photos is so easy. Just upload photos to maintenance tasks or remodel projects. From the photo gallery tab, select a photo and click on the Zada AI Recognition link. HomeZada processes the photo with Zada AI and provides specific suggested questions to help homeowners assess their situation and gain specific knowledge over what to do to solve the problem.

Save Time. Get Specific Recommendations.

When homeowners have something broken or not working correctly, they have a frustratingly long journey to determine what to do. A majority of homeowners don’t have the knowledge or skills to troubleshoot everything in their home, so they start trying to find a service provider or contractor. Then they have to pick someone, schedule a time for them to come visit. This can take weeks with no expectation over what the issue is or how much it will cost to fix it.

Now, the homeowner can take pictures of what is the issue, upload it to HomeZada tasks or projects, and process it via Zada Recognition Ai. Homeowners can have an ongoing discussion with Zada AI over what it found in your specific photo and provide recommendations.  All of this is done in minutes versus weeks.

The Power of Homeowner AI

Most people will also use search engines to figure out what this issue is. This returns a bunch of links that you can read to help you.  But you can’t upload your specific photos of your specific fixed assets of your home to a search engine, so any advice has no context of your home’s situation. And you can’t have a threaded discussion with an expert via the pure search results.

HomeZada’s Photo Recognition AI detects the objects found in your photo and provides recommendations. It provides unparalleled knowledge that takes into context the items it finds in your photos.

Fix it and Repair Tasks

When homeowners have an issue, we recommend creating a one-time task from the maintenance dashboard. Upload one or more close-up photos over the items and area of the home that you think is an issue and click on Zada AI Recognition.

Zada AI provides 4 suggested questions that range from identify the objects in the photo, to assess what is the issue and steps to fix it. Once Zada AI returns a response, ask additional questions. Then use the task to track any costs and instantly get dashboard reports of your total repair costs to own your home.

Home Improvement and Remodel Projects

Most homeowners will hire a contractor for renovation projects. But often times they don’t realize the installation work is not done a quality way until after the project is done and paid. Homeowners can take photos during the construction process and upload to the project in HomeZada.

Zada Ai Recognition processes the photos and provides questions such as assessing whether there are any installation or material defects. Zada Ai returns results that gives advice or recommendations to the homeowner to review. This empowers homeowners the ability to review the work and have smarter discussions with contractors.


HomeZada’s use of Ai Photo Recognition technology helps every homeowner become more knowledgeable about maintenance, repair, remodel and overall home improvement issues. It saves a huge amount of time troubleshooting time and helps save money by getting the homeowner and contractor aligned upfront.

HomeZada’s AI Recognition technology is available on all photo galleries.  Each user determines whether they want to use the technology to help them assess maintenance and remodel issues they face.  Zada AI is a self-service technology designed to make homeowners smarter, but all of the advice should be double checked with professionals that homeowner’s contract with for various home products and services.

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