Home Maintenance Tip: Clean the Oven


With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays coming up, what a great time to tackle that one maintenance task that everyone forgets but can make the difference in the way your meals taste.  That’s right the cleaning the oven task! Cleaning the oven can be done easily with the right tools and cleaning solutions. What better way to get ready for the baking and the cooking and the anticipation of delicious tasting food ready to eat during the next few months! 

If you have a self cleaning oven, you can run the self clean program which will turn the excess grease and food inside your oven to ash.  Stay clear of your oven during this process as the heat is extremely high.  Once the self clean process is over and the oven has cooled, remove the racks and wipe them down with soap and water.  If you still have some caked on food products use a scouring pad to scrape off the excess.

Then wipe down the inside of the oven, the top, bottom and walls of the oven.  You can use soap and water or vinegar and water.  Wipe down again with a clean wet cloth to remove any excess soap. Remember to wipe down the door also.  We like to leave the oven open until it is dry and then add the racks back inside the oven but this might be challenging is family members are running around your kitchen.

If you do not have a self cleaning oven, you can use products like Easy Off Oven Cleaner.  Spray the cleaner and leave on the oven for the defined time and then remove the racks, rinse them well and wait for them to dry before adding them back in the oven. Then wipe down the inside of oven, the walls, and the door. You may need some more clean water to make sure the cleaner is completely removed.

Once your oven is clean, you are ready to get those holiday treats in the oven for some happy faces!

Speaking of the holidays and baking … this is one of our favorite pie recipes.  Hope you enjoy!