Adding Backsplash to a Kitchen

back splashKitchen remodeling projects can be very expensive. However, making minor changes to a kitchen to spruce it up or change the look a bit can be done by adding backsplash to your kitchen. Backsplashes are enhanced designs on your walls between your counters and your cabinets and generally are designed using tiles. These can be intricate with a custom section of your design or simple with basic tiles used to enhance your kitchen. Whatever you choose, adding backsplash can definitely change the look of a room without the costs of a complete remodel. This is a project you can perform yourself with the proper tools and skill level. Patience will be required for this project. Or you can choose to hire a professional tile installation expert to help you install your backsplash. Whatever you choose we have a few tips to help get you ready for this project. 

Type of Material

Determining what material you want to use will determine the look you want to display in your kitchen. Most backsplashes use a ceramic tile which is easy to clean and very affordable to install. However, there are more options that can give your kitchen a new look. Using glass tiles or metal tiles can add an iridescent glow to the room, while tin and copper tiles give an old world style to a kitchen. Many designers are now using chalkboard paint as a backsplash alternative giving their clients the ability to track lists, menus and notes for food preparation. Additionally, embossed concrete is becoming another option for a decorative backsplash. Determining the type of material you want to add, will also determine the tools and products you need for installation.


The shape of your tiles can also give a different appearance to the room. Using square tiles will give a structured appearance while using rectangular tiles can add a distinction between your cabinets and your counters. Some tiles come in shapes like jigsaw puzzles. scalloped, round, and even using small penny tiles. Incorporating different shapes into your backsplash design can also give you the ability to add your own style elements into your kitchen. Using square tiles in diagonal displays can also encourage a new look to the kitchen.


With the myriad of tiles today, using a pop of color to brighten your area can make a big difference. If you have a white kitchen, you can add yellows or blues to bring out some brightness to the room. Using glass or steel colored tiles or tin can make a kitchen with dark wood cabinets look less dark. Adding a patterned backsplash to a monotone kitchen can draw the eyes to the pattern or design that becomes a stand out piece in your kitchen. Using light colors can also brighten up dark wood cabinets, while using dark colors like black tiles against white cabinets can bring a classic look to the kitchen.  Colors are endless and testing what will reflect your personality and vision for your kitchen gives you more options and opportunities to explore.

Backsplashes give you the ability to experiment in your home’s design without breaking the budget. Here are some more ideas of kitchen backsplashes to help get the ideas flowing.