Sensual Bedroom Tips to Put you in the Mood

luxury-romantic-bedroomsValentine’s Day is around the corner and in our busy lives this is a great time to slow down and reconnect with your partner. Setting the stage to help get you and your partner in the mood can be simple with a few inspired elements. 

Get in the Mood

Remove the Clutter

First, we start by getting the bedroom clutter free from laundry, books, and kids toys. Get all of these items put away or stowed away in a closet to forget about chores for a little while. This is all about romance and there is no room for chores in the romantic category. According to sex therapist, Amy Levine of Ignite Your Passion, this also includes removing technology from your room. Technology can lead to reminding you and your partner of all the tasks that still require your attention.

Make the Bed

Next, making the bed with fresh luxurious sheets can enhance your sleeping experience. High thread counts or soft to the touch sheets can enhance your romantic experience. Not to mention, a well made bed sets the stage for a well organized room.

Light it Up

Lighting your room with dimmer switches or low level lighting is sure to spice up your night. Lighting has a direct relation to a romantic encounter … think about the moon and the stars.

Candles can also enhance you and your partner’s intimate feelings. Candles are associated with romance. Using them safely in your room can add some fire to your reconnecting evening.

Make it Smell Good

If you happen to have sensually scented candles, then these are the ones to burn. However, if you do not have these candles, investing in oils and a diffuser that can make he room smell nice and intoxicate the senses is worth it. Scents like vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, jasmine, cucumber, sandalwood, and patchouli enhance arousal. These oils can also be used to massage your partner to put them in the mood.

Make Music

Finally, a little romantic music to create the sizzle. Music has an intoxicating situation incorporating another sense into the romantic reconnection. By all means, stay away from heavy metal and dance rhythms, this is about slowing down the process.

After your bedroom is ready for a nice romantic evening, its time to send the kids to family and keep the pets in another room. Making your romantic evening a focused event about you and your partner.

Happy Valentine’s Day!