Refreshing Your Laundry Space: 4 Things You Need to Know

Dread walking into your laundry room? It could be a sign that your laundry space needs a good refresh – or a complete remodel.

If you’ve decided enough is enough, and it’s time to change up the space, read on as we explore the essential elements of designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing laundry room. 

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How to Instantly Improve Your Laundry Room

Modern-clean-lined-laundry-roomLaundry rooms are a life blood in some houses. These areas often house a bustling amount of activity from not only cleaning clothes but in some homes these are the entry point into the home from a garage or side door. These areas may have access to the outside or also be a store a collection of coats, shoes, backpacks and sporting goods. Maybe a couple of pets and their food are located in this room. More and more activity happens while trying to continue to clean clothes. There are a few ways to instantly improve your laundry room space to make it a functioning space for the whole family, pets included. Read More

10 Tips to Organize a Small Laundry Room

Laundry Room

Guest Blogger:  Francesca Holmes

The laundry room is one area of your home which is frequented on an everyday basis, and where you get a lot of household work done. With so much going on in one place, it is bound to get cluttered which can, sometimes, leave you overwhelmed. Whether it is the pile of dirty clothes, coats randomly thrown around, or soiled socks strewn about, they’re all eyesores. Read More

Laundry Rooms, What you Need to Know

Laundry RoomsLaundry rooms are sometimes a central part of a go to area in a home. Laundry gets washed, dried, and folded. It also gets sorted based on who’s closet and room they need to reside. Laundry rooms if large enough can hold children’s belongings before entering or exiting you home. Shoes sometimes reside in the laundry room.
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