Unique Headboards to Spruce up Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms can be our sanctuary giving us the much needed rest to rejuvenate our bodies. With these unique spins on how to craft a headboard to spruce up your bedroom, you can also have a unique space for which to call your haven.  Headboards created with items around your home can add whimsy, as much as, style. Pool noodles and sporting equipment can make a child’s room come alive with activity. Old shutters, reclaimed wood or rough two by fours can be cleaned, painted and Read More

Getting Ready for a Party, How Do I Store Alcohol?

Store AlcoholTo refrigerate, freeze or not? A question often associated with storing alcohol. Most alcohol can be stored at room temperature and still taste wonderful. In fact, most liquors have a high alcohol content which enables them to be drinkable for long periods of time. This pertains to alcohol but not wine. Wine requires more careful temperature management and has a drink by date depending on the type of wine you purchased. Some alcohol is impacted more by light than temperature. For instance, whiskey prefers a dark room at room temperature to preserve its properties.  Read More

5 Simple Bathroom Organization Tips You Need to Read Right Now

Small_Bathroom_Chic-_Space_Saving_Solutions_from_Bathroom_Bliss_by_Rotator_Rod_4_grandeGuest Blogger: Eva Hines

Whether you have a gigantic bathroom or a compact one, you’re bound to have trouble keeping it neat and organized. While maintaining a tidy bathroom poses a complex problem to many people, keeping the bathroom clean is important for a lot of reasons. One reason, an organized bathroom can help you get ready quickly.

Cutting down on bathroom clutter by eliminating the things you don’t need, like that expensive shampoo that smells weird or that lipstick that’s not the right color, is sure to free up some space and help you set things straight in your bathroom. But if you’ve already done that and still have a disorderly bathroom, Read More