5 Plants that Keep Mosquitoes Away

Rosemary - Keep the Mosquitoes AwaySpring, summer and water are feeding grounds for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can attack a human creating the most uncomfortable welts on our skin. This little bug can getting us itching with discomfort and frustration. You can use sprays and insect repellent to keep the little buggers away. You can even use citronella candles, but did you know that there are some plants that may actually help keep mosquitoes away from you and your yard. These plants can add color and style to your backyard in addition to keeping you itch free.


The oils in citronella plants are the same oils used to create citronella candles. If you plant these citronella plants directly into the ground, these plants can grow up to 5 – 6 feet tall. Placing these plants near the back or middle of your garden will frame your garden area nicely in addition to creating a scent to keep mosquitoes away. When buying these plants make sure to find citronella plants not citronella scented plants. The citronella scented plants may not have the same effect as the citronella plant and may not work to keep mosquitoes away.


Planting herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, or lemon balm are sure to keep mosquitoes away. These herbs have a strong scent that is important for cooking and this same strength of scent is what repels mosquitoes. When planting these herbs, make sure to keep them in containers or contained areas as they can grow rampantly and wildly taking over a flower bed.


Lavender is another scented plant that mosquitoes are not fond of and will stay away. Lavender blooms primarily in the spring and early summer. This plant is also good to create borders or to showcase a walkway and can be used for cooking and beauty needs. Lavender can be used to create bath soaks that can also help if you do get bit by mosquitoes.

Flowering Plants

Marigolds, mums, geraniums and ageratum are wonderful additions to any yard. These plants offer beautiful bright colors like yellow, orange, red, pinks and purples that will make your yard blossom, but will also ward off the mosquitoes that do not like the scent these flowering plants produce.


Catnip is another herb that keeps mosquitoes away and has been used in studies by the American Chemical Society to prove this fact. In fact, this study indicated that catnip was 10 times more effective than the bug repellent DEET in keeping mosquitoes away. One thing to keep in mind, with catnip, you may be visited by all the cats in the neighborhood as they love catnip.

By adding these plants to your yard, you keep the mosquitoes away and also get great use from them by using them in cooking and beauty products. And best yet, keep the itching to a minimum.

Happy Gardening!