Remodel Tip: Closet Remodel

Closet RemodelSpring and fall are great times to give your closet a re-look. It is time to review your clothes, shoes and accessories that you have in your closet and determine what you want to keep and what needs to go. Closet organization is always great practice. But maybe you are ready for a complete closet makeover and your are ready for a closet remodel. 

Storing different sizes and lengths of clothes and shoes can be a challenge. Add accessories to that mix and you have a puzzle to solve in your very own closet. However, closets can be remodeled to meet all of your specific clothes needs. Ever wonder where you purses will go or your watches will reside? A closet remodel can help you reorganize your wardrobe. This is a great solution based on your space limitations.

When preparing for a closet remodel, carpentry or installation of new closet cabinets and fixtures is necessary. If your existing area is just not enough, then increasing the size of your closet by expanding interior walls can also help achieve your dream closet. Keep in mind that how your improve your closet may depend on your budget. The average closet remodel may be between $250 – $2500 with the fees going up if you want a complete redesign. Remember that removal of a current closet set up will also be added to your labor costs..

Items to budget for with a closer remodel

Most of the budget items for a closet remodel are typical shelving, built-in carpentry and cabinets, and labor costs to put it all together. These costs will vary depending the size and space of your new closet.

How to design and build your closer remodel

Understanding the total space you have in your closet is the first step. Then it becomes a space allocation effort. How much of your total space should be allocated to clothes, shoes, and accessories. Defining the details will help you find items easily and also help store all your belongings in your closet.

Creating an inventory of your wardrobe will be another step in the process. This inventory will help you design a closet with the appropriate size and length of clothes.

If you feel overwhelmed by this process, there are many closet remodeling products and companies that can help you redesign your closet. They will give you options based on the physical size of the closet and the inventory of your wardrobe.