How to Protect Your Home from Graduation Pranks

toiletpaper12n-1-webGraduations are in full swing and with that some last minute fun and pranks to friends before heading off to the next phase of life. However, most high schoolers forget that their friends do not actually own their own homes but that their friend’s parents do. So what can you do to prevent the pranks from causing damage to your home.

Add Cameras

Adding cameras around your home and telling your children and their friends will most likely help detain the kids from targeting your home. And if they do target your home, you have the evidence to help them help you clean up.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights will alert you to anyone approaching your home at night which is the most common time pranks are played on a home.  These motion sensor lights will likely scare your assailant from even considering whatever stunt they were about to perform.

Get a Dog

Now if you are really not a dog fan, bypass this suggestion. However, a barking dog will normally scare away any attempting to come near your home. So when a dog is barking, away with the pranksters.

Be Home 

If you are home and you can catch the teenagers in action, what better way to photograph them in action. This will more likely get them mid way in their efforts and making your clean up a little less. Being home can also give you the option to use some massive noise maker like a bull horn or set of loud bells to deter the pranksters.

Be Prepared

If you have tried all these suggestions and your home still gets toilet papered or eggs on the home, understand what you need to do to quickly clean up your home. For toilet paper, easily remove the toilet paper and place it in your recycling bin. If you need a ladder to get higher location, be careful and request assistance from someone to spot you on the ladder.

If eggs are your problem, this one is a bit more complicated. With eggs you need to start cleaning immediately or they will stick like glue to your home. use a hose to remove as much of the egg as you can. Then get some warm water (not hot … it will cook the egg) with some soap and scrub the areas with egg. Remember to spray a lot of the surface and below where the egg initially hit the home, to get all the egg off the home. If this does not work, try a degreaser to get the eggs off the wall.

Getting your ducks in a row to prevent the extra effort of cleaning up can go a long way to avoiding the pranks that could be performed on your home.