Rooftop Garden Designs and Ideas

Getting Started on a Rooftop Garden1Guest Blogger: Heather Roberts

Consider the good looks your home will have with a nice rooftop garden and you will have a lot to gain from it. If your roof happens to be large enough to be able to accommodate a roof garden, as well as, the building construction allow it, then you have the amazing opportunity to create a truly stunning space on top. Use the guidelines ahead to make your project work out better in the long run:

Making use of edible plants for a roof garden

Sure it won’t look as uniform and aesthetically pleasing as a patch of green grass, but edible plants will actually be practical, which is more than we can say about grass. This should help you utilize the space you have in a more productive way, but only if you have a roof that allows this sort of setup for gardening.

Getting Started on a Rooftop Garden3

Making a roof garden mixed with a pool

This is a really good way to relax on the roof, having a really nice pool garden that would make summers more interesting and bearable. You need to make sure your roof can support the extra weight, so ensure you have proper drainage and the firmness to ensure it will happen. If you fail to address that you will likely risk damaging your home as time goes by.

Making a cedar patio on the rooftop

If you want to make a rooftop garden of unique design, then you can do a lot of good with a good looking patio. Cedar can be a good choice, especially since it will be something to last a long time, allowing you a chance to enjoy it for much longer. Make sure you work on this with care to make gardening easier as well.

Using ornamental plants

This is something that would look really good in your garden, but it will take some effort to complete. Lighting will be equally important as you prepare your gardening space, so make sure you have enough of it. Ornamental potted plants will be a good way to keep your choices flexibly, while at the same time keeping it practical and good looking. The greatest thing is you can change them as well if the need arises, giving you more control over what you have on your garden rooftop.

Getting Started on a Rooftop Garden2

Rooftop garden made for barbecue

This is a setup that would require a bit more care than usual, since it has the potential of actual fire hazards. When it comes down to it a rooftop garden would be fun for barbecues, but you will need to make sure it will not be a fire hazard. Gardening takes effort, so make sure you are careful about how you set things up.

Making a rooftop garden cinema

A home cinema you say? But of course, why not? With the right preparation and setup your rooftop can open up some good possibilities you can enjoy. Get a good projector, your laptop and some good seating and you will have a really good spot.

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