Home Maintenance Tip: Fertilize the Lawn

HomeZada fertilize+the+lawn+in+summerAdding fertilizer to your lawn at the right time with the right mixture can keep your lawn grow healthy and keep looking amazing. However, the wrong kind of fertilizer can actually hurt your yard, so it is important to know based on your climate when is the best time to fertilize, although spring and fall are good general rules of thumb, many people still give an added boost of fertilizer in the summer.

It is important to not fertilize too much, as this can cause your lawn to burn. Which will result in a lawn that has brown burn areas and giving your lawn a sparse look versus a lush look. And too much fertilizer could cause you to replace the areas of lawn altogether.

So understanding your climate, your plant zone, the type of grass you have and the appearance you want you grass to have will also help you find the exact fertilizer compound you need. If you are unfamiliar with this process, then it is a good idea to visit your local nursery for some assistance.

Once you have purchased your fertilizer, it is actually a simple task to get your lawn fertilized.  Using a rolling or hand spun spreader, add the fertilizer a little at a time and roll or spin the spreader evenly around your yard. Make sure to spread the fertilizer throughout the lawn to create a consistent lush look. For more tips like this maintenance tip, visit HomeZada Maintenance tips to learn what else you can do this summer to keep your home and your yard running and looking good.