How to Buy the Best Mattress for the Best Sleep

Buy the Best MattressGetting a good night’s sleep is so important to the overall health of all humans! We have shared advice on room colors and room temperatures, now let’s talk about mattresses. A bed is an opportunity for anyone to recharge in order to start the next day. With a great night’s sleep, anyone can have a productive day. So what makes the best mattress? And can a mattress alone give you an amazing nights sleep?

Mattress Age

First, if your mattress is over 7 years old and is used frequently, then it may be time for a new one. Now its time to visit the bedding department or store and guess what? You view a sea of mattresses and do not know where to start. The first step is to understand the size of bed your want and  your budget. Both the size and your budget are the first two criteria that effect where to start when looking for a mattress. Once you have these two criteria, now it is time to look at your personal needs. Do you sleep with a spouse or partner? If so, both of you need to sit down and determine what you both need in a mattress to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Type of Mattress

Do you want a firm bed or a soft one? Is joint pain or back problems something you need to consider? Based on your height, do you need a specific amount of space to sleep comfortably? There is nothing worse than feet hanging over the bed. Do you get hot or cold at night? Maybe you have a restless sleeping partner? Do you already have a bed frame or do you need to purchase one? Many of the answers to these questions, will help you determine the type of mattress that would suit you best.

For instance, if you have a lot of joint pain, then maybe a memory foam mattress might be the way you to go. However, if you are looking to stay cool at night, you may need to gel tops onto of a spring loaded mattress to keep you cool.

Test them out

Once you are in the bedding store, it is time to test the beds out. That’s right, lay down and get comfortable. Bedding stores allow you to test drive the beds both in the store and at home with generous return policies. Test multiple mattresses and lay on them for several minutes and verify the return policies. If the story can give you a 30 day return or exchange policy than you can test drive your bed with real life experiences.

For those looking for organic beds in order to reduce some of the chemicals it takes to create beds, make sure to look for specific certifications like the Global Organic Latex Certification or Global Textile Certification.

So here’s to happy, healthy sleeping!