Home Maintenance Tip: Gutter Clean Up

homezada-gutterIt is amazing how fast fall and the the crazy weather before the winter starts sending our homes in to overdrive. That’s right, overdrive. Winds, rain, and leaves and tree branches everywhere. Fall maintenance tasks are easy to get done and more importantly they get you ready for the winter months. One task that is very important to take care of in fall is to clean your gutters. You can take this task on yourself or get some help in getting the gutters clean.

When taking on this task yourself, it helps if you are fearless. That is you are not afraid of heights and you do not mind using ladders. We also recommend you have someone outside watching the base of the ladder for safety reasons. Using your ladder, secure it against your home and use a ladder long enough to reach your roof. Wearing heavy duty gloves or using a scooper that can fit in the narrow edges of your gutter to remove all the debris that has blow or fallen in your gutters. Gloves will protect against splinters from branches or even the gunk that fills your gutters. There is nothing more disgusting that all the slimy leaves that are pulled out of the gutters.

If you choose to hire a professional, check for insurance and that they have their own ladders to get the job done.

Keeping your gutters clean is very important because if the rain water cannot flow from your gutters naturally, it will fall over the edges and could run along walls or near other areas of the home. Running water along the walls of your home can cause multiple problems like water build up on walls and potentially the development of mold. It could cause drainage or grading challenges to your yard and your basement walls could develop leaks. All of these problems can cause significant damage to your home. Now is a good time to get those gutters cleaned.

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