Celebrating Hanukkah

The many decorations that showcase Christmas often underscores the limited decorations that are dedicated to the Jewish celebration of rebirth, Hanukkah. Both Christmas and Hanukkah have a standout centerpiece. Celebrating Hanukkah with the the menorah and celebrating Christmas with the Christmas tree. The centerpiece of the menorah provides tradition and elegance to a decorations. Many of these menorah’s have been past down from generation to generation. Many of the Hanukkah decorations found in the marketplace are blue and silver. But any color will work to showcase a beautiful celebration.


Showcasing a menorah on a side table with easy access for lighting each candle, makes lighting the candles each night beautiful. Lighting these candles is a way to share the glory of God with the family. Adding other decorations to the table to highlight this celebration and reflection will add more to the area. Items like glass containers filled with bulbs or crystals would make a sparkling back drop. Adding wrapped gifts on silver trays will add a beautiful sense of celebration to the table.

If a table is not available and a mantle is, then use the mantle to hold the menorah. And then to have draped signs or dreidels along the mantle to add a festive look. Your home during this holiday season will have more to celebrate with this added touch.


When it is time for the festive holiday meals, using themed linens and additional candles on the table will give an illuminating effect on the meal. Adding fresh flowers or silver and gold serving dishes can also help dress up a glorious meal. Or add gelt or coins to the table for an added surprise to diners. These little coins can be found in chocolate form for a quick dessert treat.

For more decorating ideas, look at these amazing photos ow found to help with inspiration.

Hanukkah Hanukkah Hanukkah Hanukkah Hanukkah

To all our friends and followers who celebrate Hanukkah, we wish you a very blessed season.